Worsley  Chess  Club Games Game 1. This features our top board Simon. The game has a tricky Bishop sac that black dare not take. Game 2. This features one of our regular first team players Chris, who favours slow build positions. Game 3. This features one of our long serving first team players Brian, who delivers a crushing attack. Game 4. This features one of our players Chris H who has grown up with the club and become a strong player. Game 5. This features Mike who had this great win against a far higher rated opponent. Game 6. This features Stuart who is another long term member. Playing Lee Baron is always an adventure. Game 7. This features George who is only 9 years old. In a short space of time we can see a deeper understanding of the game in his matches.

Game 8. This features Peter a senior member of the club but he has lost none of his aggression in playing the game!

S Wright-D Benchebra
C. Neale-I. Anderson
Michael Quigley-Adam Tyton
S Charlton-L Baron
B Rhodes-H Praeger
R Gallagher-C Hodgson
G Randall-G Harman
P Young-J Pendlebury